07. Kraft, Dairylea Robots Microsite (2005) Concepts, Project Management, IA

A competition microsite created by Dairylea to promote the animated film Robots. Codes on packs of Dairylea gave the user the chance to enter a prize draw to LA to build they own robot. The flash site let the user build their own robot and rate others, play 4 different online games and watch the film trailer.

Kraft, Dairylea Robots Microsite (2005)

The user controls their Robot through all sections of the site. They could change all eight parts. Users start with a "robo" version of the Dairylea cow but were able to swap out all of these for different parts if they had enough credit. Users could earn more credits by playing the site's games. The Robot Gallery allowed users to see and rate all of the Robots that had been created.

  • Make your own robot 1
  • Make your own robot 2
  • Make your own robot 3
  • Rating robots

The Prizes section detailed all of the prizes available to win.

  • Robots prizes overview
  • Robots prizes detail

The user could play four different games. Within each game the user played with their customised robot.

  • Games menu
  • Space Dunk menu

The user walked their customised robot into a cinema to watch the Robots trailer.

  • Cinema Entrance
  • Cinema Trailer